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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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storms swept through the washington area bringing a whole lot of lightning with them. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the storms came through this evening not only with a lot of lightning but with a lot of rain. doug kammerer is in our storm system where it's been a busy night. >> very busy night. at one point, just about every single county in our viewing area was under a severe thunderstorm warning. we saw lots of trees down across the areas. even a couple of accidents au s of this as well. you can see how the rain's moved through the area. that line of storm to severe storms moving throughout the region. right now, lone showers left over in the southern portions of st. mary's county and into prince gorges county. a few showers throughout the evening hours. but this will not put a damper on our here. the heat index got up to 106 degrees at the airport. tomorrow, we could see something very similar.
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we're actually forecasting a record. the weather is to blame for a fire in rockville this evening. lightning hit a house on whipperwill lane about 9:00. there was damage to the roof on the second story. the same line of storms that blew through our area left significantly more damage in chicago this morning. 75-mile-an-hour winds knocked down trees and knocked out power to 850,000 people. that's the most in 13 years in chicago. the storms also soaked people trying to get to work. in new jersey, some good samaritans pulled a 9-year-old boy from a flaming wreck that killed three people. at least two of those people were from prince gorges county, maryland. it happened about a half hour outside philadelphia. police say the driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed into a tree. the driver was from shefrly, maryland.
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both were killed. interstate 270 reopened an hour ago after being closed for six hours after construction workers hit a gas main. emergency crews took no chances. they kept everybody away from clarksburg road. that meant blocking 270 north for almost the entire evening rush hour. john schriffen is in germantown now with more on this. >> reporter: it certainly was a headache for many of these drivers as things are just now getting back to normal. over my shoulder is a shot of 355 where many of these drivers were redirected to to get around this mess today. authorities say the reason it took so long to clean this up is multiple shut-off valves to control this gas main, they had to locate them with at least one of those valves buried deep below the ground. >> it's been a headache. just a standstill. and i have to get home to get the kids and i can't. >> reporter: during the height of the monday evening rush, drivers on interstate 270 in germantown were greeted by this,
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bumper-to-bumper traffic with thousands of cars being redirected away from the highway. where are you trying to go? >> canada. been trying to get home for two days. >> reporter: how's this derailing your commute? >> it's going to be another day. i've already lost four hours of my drive time. >> reporter: both sides of the interstate were shut down. southbound at exit 22 and northbound at exit 16. montgomery county fire and rescue says it was necessary. around 4:00, contractors working on a gas line near route 121 in clarksburg punctured an eight-inch gas line more than 25 feet below ground. with gas seeping into the air, they feared even a driver tossing out a burning cigarette could spark a violent situation. some drivers' misery quickly turned into others' fortune. the cashier says food and water have been flying off the
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shelves. >> never seen it so busy like this. before, it was just one or two cars. now it's like 50 cars. wow. >> reporter: after gassing up, many were left with their only option, following the crowds toward route 355. i don't think it's any better because everybody's trying to go toward fredrick. >> reporter: authorities say at this point the gas main is under control but not completely fixed. clarksburg road will remain closed until it can be fully repaired and won't happen until late tomorrow night or early to morning. >> thank you, john. some parents and students in fairfax county rallied tonight against a plan to move them to a higher-rated school district. the families live in the wakefield chapel neighborhood. the students there go to poe middle school and annendale high school.
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they would be moved to other schools which are better but less diverse. students spoke out during a public hearing this evening. >> it would disrupt the balance and integrity of the school. the sports teams, performing arts and academics will be severely altered. >> woodson has plenty of space for the additional students. it's a great school and kids are not going to find it difficult to be accepted. >> the fairfax county school board is expected to vote on the issue july 28th. pepco finished dead last in a nationwide survey of customer satisfaction. it is another blow to the utility company still reeling from last year's inability to keep the power on during summer and winter months. the company's president says pepco is making strides. melissa spoke with thomas grant this evening. >> reporter: good evening. their score, a 54 out of 100.
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it's a number based on customer complaints, expectations and loyalty. julie is at silver spring neighborhood. she's one of the hardest hit when storms strike. she's been out of power for days five times in the last four years. it's the same story one street over at alan's house. >> it's gotten so bad around here that a lot of the people have gone to getting power generators and so as soon as the power goes off, the neighbor is like -- >> reporter: the american customer satisfaction index releases the survey each year. this one shows the utility, which serves nearly 780,000 households in maryland and the district, ranked last in the country, putting it at the number one spot. it's the only regional company in the top ten. pepco president tom graham. >> i don't agree with the characterization.
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but i do take it seriously. we are working very hard to improve the quality of service for our customers. >> reporter: graham admits the company has to regain customer loyalty, pointing to the $500 million they'll spend over the next five years on infrastructure and service. >> our reputation is tarnished. those are things we have to work on. >> reporter: they're adding staff, replacing wires and trimming trees. >> limbs are falling around here like crazy. >> reporter: lynne says he's never had any issues with pepco. >> they have my electricity on when i need it. so i don't have any complaints. >> reporter: others aren't as lucky and said pepco should do more to keep customers happy and their power on. >> i grew up in fairbanks, alaska, where they have a lot of power outages. they have a lot more here, as far as i can tell. >> reporter: graham agrees with the tougher reliability standards passed by lawmakers here in maryland earlier this year. he said pepco will do its best to meet them. jim? >> melissa, thanks.
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>> some of the other companies that made that worst list, delta airlines is the second worst. followed by time warner communications and comcast cable which is part of news 4's parent company, took the number four spot. despite the president's pleas to make a deal on national television, republicans and democrats appear to remain far apart on how to handle the nation's debt. republicans say they still will not accept any deal that includes tax hikes. president obama said that stance may prevent a deal and said tax hikes are necessary for a long-term solution. speaker of the house john boehner worries about stifling job creation. >> the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> it's not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now, pull off the band-aid, eat our peas. >> congressional leaders will
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return to the white house tomorrow afternoon to continue discussions. funeral services for former first lady betty ford will begin tomorrow in california. the wife of former president gerald ford died on friday. she was 93. there will be two funeral services. one tomorrow morning in palm springs, california. another former first lady, rosalyn carter, is expected to speak there. mrs. ford's casket will then be flown to michigan where she will be laid to rest beside her husband at the gerald ford museum in grand rapids on thursday. thousands of people have lined up to sign condolence books at the gerald ford presidential library. that museum has kept its lobby open 24 hours a day to make sure everyone in line gets a chance to write a note. still ahead on news 4 at 11:00, why the cia made a
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fake -- it might be one of the most talked about lunches in washington in a
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a zr who helped the cia in a mission in pakistan before the raid on osama bin laden's compound is reportedly under arrest.
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a newspaper group reports prior to the raid that killed bin laden, a senior government health official in pakistan helped the cia set up a fake immunization program in abbottabad. it was meant to get dna samples from inside the compound to confirm the al qaeda leader was really there. the paper reports the doctor had nurses enter bin laden's compound under the pretext of giving vaccinations to children who lived there. pakistan's government reportedly remains furious that it was not told about the raid beforehand and is now coming down on the doctor for helping the cia. for the second time in 2 1/2 weeks, a passenger train and a tractor-trailer have collided, leading to a big explosion. this time, it was in maine. it happened just after 11:00 this morning. about 40 miles south of portland. the collision and fire killed the driver of the truck. at least five passengers on the train were injured. it appears the truck driver tried to stop but skidded
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through the gate. the fbi's investigating whether a child pornography ring could be linked to the murder of a teenage girl who disappeared from baltimore. authorities found the body of phylicia barnes in the susquehanna river. according to the "baltimore sun" investigators filed warrants to search facebook and e-mail accounts of barnes and four men. the documents show investigators thought they may find evidence of child exploitation in the accounts. coming up tonight, the d.c. lottery is betting on mobile ticket sales. and doug's back to tell us if the storms tonight will provide any relief from the heat tomorrow.
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about 100 kids from our area joined lacrosse players from native american nations at the white house today. they took part in "let's move" in indian country, part of michelle obama's campaign to get kids to be more active. according to the white house, native americans have one of the highest rates of childhood obesity. meanwhile, the first lady's getting a lot of flak online over her lunch following that event. she stopped by the shake shack in dupont circle. she got a shack burger, fries and a chocolate shake along with a diet coke. sounds like the lunch of champions, to me.
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that meal totaled 1,700 calories. mrs. obama has said in the past it's okay to indulge every once in a while as long as it's in m moderation. >> what's the problem there? that looks like a good meal to me. >> she works out, too. >> and having some of those white house vegetables from the guardarden for dinner to balanc out. what about the weather tomorrow? >> we could be a little bit warmer. we could be a little bit more humid. >> sorry i asked. >> i know you were looking for something good there. but it's not going to happen. going to be hot during the day tomorrow. today, the heat index got up to 106 at the airport. it could be there again today. take a look at this video of the storms rolling in from the west. it definitely looked ominous out there as the storms rolled in. they brought a lot of wind associated with them as well as
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a lot of rain and lightning, too. a lot of downed trees, a lot of downed power lines across the area. just about every county in our viewing area was under a severe thunderstorm warning. reports of very heavy rain coming through parts of the area a little bit earlier. this is the way it looked on the doppler just a little bit earlier, about six hours ago, four hours ago. watch how this line develops out ahead of another line. that line moves through the bay. it's out toward the beaches before starting to die out. right now, as far as the rain is concerned, only a few showers left in towards calvert county. a couple of more showers but that's it. the severe weather are out of here. high temperatures made its way up to 95 degrees once again. the record for today is 99. we didn't hit a record today but the record for tomorrow is also 99. and i think we could be seeing a record during the day on our tuesday if we hit 99.
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i'm forecasting a temperature of 100 degrees tomorrow. out there right now, a very warm 80 degrees. the dew point at 71. the humidity is at 84%. 75 in frederick. 81 in winchester and 76 in clinton. temperatures have actually come up over the last hour. now, the heat advisory is in effect for most of the area, especially along the i-95 corridor to the south and east. just because you're not under the adviser in loudoun county, doesn't mean you're not going to be hot there. going to be just as hot there. but the heat index may be a little bit higher towards the east. these storms today, take a look. they made their way in 12 hours from chicago all the way down through our area, that is a very fast line of storms. as i mentioned, they are out of here. as far as tomorrow morning goes,
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maybe a chance of a few showers. but most of us will be dry. warm and humid. 72 to 78 degrees. in the afternoon, 97 to 101 with the heat index over 105 potentially. then we cool things off. this is not going to be a prolonged heat wave. 91 on wednesday. right now, mid to upper 80s by thursday and friday. >> how long does it take to drive to chicago from here? >> i was wondering that as i was talking about that. >> 12 hours or so? >> it's about a two-hour flight. >> but they didn't have to stop for tolls or bags or anything like that. >> or lunch. we've got sports up next. the
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that was a good story. >> was that a good story? >> it was. >> we've got home run derby tonight, right? >> yes, can you imagine being in the home run derby and having your father pitch to you? >> no, must be pretty cool. >> very cool. robinson cano can say just that. tonight his tomorrower, jose, tossed to him as he smashed a total of 32 home runs. the home run derby came down to a battle between the yankees and the red sox. but in the end, cano was the last man standing. we're in phoenix. some of the guys hit it way past that guy's sign. he was too close. cal ripkin, jr., threw out the first pitch. the longest home run of the night belonged to prince fielder. he goes 474 feet to right field onto the second level course in
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right field. but fielder was eliminated in the second round. the finals were robinson cano and adrian gonzalez. gonzalez hit the most memorable homer of the night. hits it into the pool in right field. look at that fan, jumps after it. take another look. this is dedication. gonzalez hit 11 home runs during the finals. his pitcher was manager manny acta. cano had 12 home runs. his dad, jose, was pitching for him and he crushes number 12 to the seats in right field. very, very happy moment for the cano family as robinson and his dad hoist that trophy together. very special memory for the two of them. it is not only fans at home that stand in awe of those at the all-star game, in some cases it's the players themselves. that surely is the case for the nationals' lone representative, tyler clippard.
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he says he's dreamt for this moment for a very long time. that was here at nats park yesterday. he helped the nationals beat the rockies and then he hopped on a jet with troy tulowitzki to the all-star game. this is clippard's first time in an all-star game. as for the emotion after his first day of all-star festivities, here's how clippard summed it up. >> it's very humbling to look around the room and see the amount of talent that is around me. and to think to myself that i'm a part of it is special. it's hard to describe. but a lot of hard work's been put into getting to this point in my career. as the cliche goes, i'm just happy to be here. moving to hockey, former goaltender ollie kolzig retired in 2009 after 17 nhl seasons.
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he spent the last couple of years spending with his family. the capital have hired their former fan favorite as an associate goaltending coach. here's what olli kolzig had to say. >> after two years, i started to get the itch again. i worked with a junior team last year. that was my outlet. got a lot of gratification working with the kids and seeing the success they had once they applied what i taught them in practice. and i thought, you know, how would that be at the pro level? so when dave hieyer called me ad george gave me the position, i jumped at it right away. >> olli kolzig back with the caps. coming
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the the d.c. lottery is hoping to cash in on one of the hottest trends in d.c. it's something that looks like a food truck. that's a little toy there. but starting later this week, the lucky lottery mobile will hit the streets, a real one. lottery officials say the goal is to cash in and increase ticket sales, especially during the lunch -- [ laughter ] the truck is expected to make its debut at a food truck event on half street near nationals park. if the truck is successful, the lottery says it will roll out more of them, not the fake ones, the real ones. >> we can only assume the real truck was in the shop or something today. that's why we have only the pictures of the toy truck.
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one more time, that heat will return tomorrow. the thunderstorms that we have, they're out of here. but the heat remains. tomorrow, 100 degrees. if we hit 100, that would be a record. the good news


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